A trusted Swedish beauty brand.

Barn?ngen believes that beauty comes from when you feel “just right”—confident, authentic, and balanced. This is our mission, to provide balanced care for a beautifully balanced skin.

Barn?ngen fuses Swedish aesthetic and Nordic-inspired ingredients to create products that truly reflect the value of “lagom” – the Swedish word for the center of balance, the happy medium, the ”just-right“ sweet spot, the choice not to choose. The brand was founded by the Swedish wholesaler Johan Wilhelm Holmstr?m in 1868. He launched the company’s most famous and iconic product, a bar soap, in 1873 and since then, Barn?ngen has been characterized by genuine, natural, pure and gentle products. Entire generations of Swedes have used and loved them, making Barn?ngen one of the most iconic brands in the country since 150 years!

Barn?ngen products, which are inspired by Sweden’s nature & Sweden’s most time-honored traditions, offer best skin care protection highlighting your authentic beauty. For the “just right” blend of nature and science, Barn?ngen revamped technology of its original bar soap and created today’s signature ingredient Cold Cream: to offer beautifully balanced care, for a beautifully balanced skin.

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