Digital Talent Program
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Digital Talent Program

Join us on our mission to keep evolving with disruptive technologies and innovative ideas. Benefit from a unique learning journey full of personal and professional development through 18 months of hands-on experience.

For more than 140 years, Henkel has provided essential products to consumers worldwide. But, how can we ensure our relevancy in the future? By transforming our businesses through the opportunities of digitalization. With an innovation friendly environment, we foster intrapreneurship, and with it, ensure that our services are constantly improving.?

Digitalization is about technology and tools. But above all, it's about people.?

In order to shape the world of tomorrow, we're teaming up with the digital minds of today.?

Are you ready for our Digital Talent Program??



Digital Talent Program

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How does it work?

The Digital Talent Program is an 18-month training program for young professionals who want to deep dive into digital expertise and become a driving force for transformation.

Our program offers three individual expert tribes, each based on the strategic core areas of our digital transformation: Leverage Industry 4.0, drive digital business and enable future tech & AI. Choose your expert tribe based on your personal expertise, interests and professional experience. Within your expert tribe you will then rotate through different responsibilities, projects, teams and subsidiaries.?

With a permanent employment contract, you will enjoy full responsibility from day one. This is the perfect ground to focus on your path to become a digital pioneer. Each journey is unique. Based on your expert tribe and job you will rotate up to four or five times between three and six months.?The program will start in May 2020.?The application period for the Digital Talent Program 2020 has ended.

The talents we seek

Our program is for those who make a difference. Digitally savvy, out of the box thinkers, who are interested in challenging us. Have you already started your career and are looking for a chance to grow professionally in an inspiring work environment and in position with real responsibility? Are you passionate about digital trends and have a strong entrepreneurial urge to build and change a running system? Discover your playground at Henkel.

The Expert Tribes

To strengthen and build up your skill set, you can choose to join one of three expert tribes, each having a specific focus within the world of transformation.


What's in it for me?

Over the course of 18 months, our Digital Talent Program provides you with immense resources and opportunities for major growth on a professional and personal level.
You will gain hands-on experience and will be fully immersed in our most exciting digital projects across the globe.

How to apply

As we’d like to ensure that this journey is truly inspiring for you, we need to know about your professional goals as early as possible. Therefore, we have created a multi-step recruitment process that will help you share your aspirations with us, starting broad and becoming more specific.

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