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Your direct entry at Henkel

Are you an experienced professional who keeps pushing for improvement? Perfect, you can start right off! Take a highly responsible position in one of our business units or functions, trigger innovative ideas, and shape our brands and culture according to your own convictions.

Craft your career

For those with ambitions in a very particular field, we offer specialized development opportunities. Take a look at our Scientific Career Path in our Business Unit Adhesive Technologies for example:



Scientific Career Path @ Adhesive Technologies

1:34 min.



Digital Talent Program

1:02 min.

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Promote a new work environment

We are proud of our performance-driven environment that is yet open for change. Our leaders and professionals foster a digital work culture, promoting more individual responsibility, closer collaboration, and flexible work time. What else would you ask for?


Live our entrepreneurial spirit

When Fritz Henkel founded our company in 1876, he laid the ground for a strong belief in innovation, that is prevailing until today. We at Henkel seek to improve our products and technology every day - What ideas do you have?

How to apply

Online Application

During the first step we are happy about your comprehensive online application at our Henkel job portal. You will need your résumé - preferably as a PDF file. Please make use of the opportunity to upload further relevant documents ?(e.g. certificates, overview of grades), so we have all documents at our hands, which are relevant for our decision. In case you have a LinkedInprofile, you can comfortably import your data with one click. A letter of motivation can be attached optionally



Henkel’s application process

Learn all you need to know about your application at Henkel.

2:02 min.


Jobs for Professionals

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Wondering how to apply properly?

Receive some helpful advice from our recruiters!

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