Footprint calculator

Do you know how your lifestyle contributes to your CO2 consumption? Discover your personal carbon footprint in only a few minutes.

Not only companies, but also every individual can contribute to more sustainability through personal lifestyle choices. Our footprint calculator illustrates this in a vivid manner: By answering simple questions about your daily life you can quickly estimate the amount of CO2 emissions generated within the areas of living, nutrition, mobility as well as holiday and leisure. The calculator can be used on computers as well as on mobile devices in a fast and easy way.

By using this calculator you can evaluate the climate friendliness of your daily behavior and, at the same time, support current research on sustainable lifestyles conducted by the Wuppertal Institute: Every participant can contribute his or her anonymous results to an empirical data basis designed to better understand consumer behavior. The Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, and Energy explores and develops guiding principles, strategies and tools to foster more sustainable development on the regional, national and international level. Find more information about the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, and Energy on


A sharp increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is causing a warming of the planet and is the main cause of climate change. Without turning away from our current economic strategy and lifestyle, the average temperature of the planet could rise by up to 5 degrees by the end of this century – with serious consequences.?To address this concern, scientists advise to limit the temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius. In order to accomplish this, the annual level of CO2 emission per person needs to be reduced worldwide from 6.8 tons to roughly 2 tons.?

Energy and climate are integral parts of Henkel’s “Factor 3” strategy to become three times more efficient by 2030. Hereby, Henkel focuses on the efficient use of energy, reducing the energy use of its worldwide operations and preventing greenhouse gas emissions. In the decade between 2004 and 2014, the company reduced energy consumption by 46 percent and cut the corresponding CO2 emissions by 42 percent. With the help of its new CO2 footprint calculator Henkel also enables every consumer to make a personal contribution to climate protection.

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